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A Woman of Action

I watched Second Chance (with Michael W. Smith) the other day and it ignited a fire within me that had been smoldering for quite a while. All my life I've wanted to be a WOMAN OF ACTION. Actually, for the longest time I couldn't verbalize my thoughts, then I read Sister Freaks (by Rebecca St. James) and read a story about a woman who was sold out for God. The book referred to her as a woman of ACTION. I was intrigued. More than intrigued, I was set on fire. Finally, a title for who I want to become. After a few moments of excitement and desire for sold-out-ness for Christ, I realized that I wasn't exactly sure what a woman of action was. I had an idea, a feeling of who she was. So I grabbed my journal and pen and set out to write down, for later reference, encouragement and reminder, exactly what a woman of action was.

So - here it goes. (coming straight from my should feel special ;-) )

What is a Woman of Action?

A servant. Practically this could mean doing things around the house, helping out at church etc. Servants are RARELY out in the middle being the center of attention, they hide in the back room doing random acts of kindness for others: emptying the trash, cleaning up after a meal, making a family member's bed, etc.

A Woman of Action reaches out to others. I'm so often stuck in my own world and littl group of friends that I miss out on everyone else around me. Littler girls who could use a hug, a piece of encouragement or, even better, a listening ear. The elderly who could use someone to talk to or simply someone to care about them. The woman of action just looks around, and opens her eyes to the people around her. (I fail at this miserably, but I'm going to try to do better)

She loves. I've seen young women like this. They just absolutely shine with the love of Jesus. They show love to all, not just those who are easy to love. Lord, please help me to love. TRULY love. Not simply outward actions but deep within my heart. A woman o faction is usually surrounded by people because of this very trait. People hunger for love. It's the Christian's job to show them true love, the love of Jesus.

The Woman of Action sees a need then fulfills it. Actually seeing a need is almost half the battle. It means taking our eyes off of ourself and looking outward and upward. Fulfilling that need is the tougher of the two (for me, at least). Sure, I can recognize needs pretty easily. But figuring out how to fulfill it, then actually doing it is extremely difficult. Fulfilling needs of others is a strange thing in this world. You will be deemed "different" because of it. But don't let that stop you. Go ahead, change the world.

A Woman of Action is head-over-heels, in love with, crazy-about, completely, 100% obsessed about JESUS. She realizes that without HIM, she is nothing. He is the whole reason she is a woman of action. It's because of Jesus that she sacrifices spending time with friends to talk to the new quiet girl or help in the kitchen. It's because of HIM that she sacrifices that new outfit she's been wanting to give her $ to an important ministry. The woman of action is NOT perfect and she knows it. You can't fake her kind of spirit and love. If you try to forge them from inside yourself people will see right through you. It only comes form Christ. It is Him, the woman of action is trying to please. She gives all honor and glory to Jesus and HIM ALONE! Because, as I said before, without Him, she is nothing.

She is set apart. Holy. Different (in a good and godly way, not pink hair and peircings kinda way). She's not afraid to be shunned by her friends, family, pop-culture or guys. Frankly, all she cares about is pleasing her Savior. If we make that TRULY our focus, then its almost impossible not to be holy and set apart. She loves to love and spend time with people (as we've previously seen), but her focus isn't on social events or making sure she has a party or get-together every weekend. She thinks and lives for eternity.

She embraces her god-given role as a woman. She embraces her femininity with all of her heart. She delights in being a woman of God. She doesn't wish she was a man able to do masculine things. I personally LOVE this kind of thing. I love when men are men and women are women. There's a reason we were created differently. Just as an example, take a glance at a woman's hands and a man's hands. Men's hands are big, rough and calloused. They are used to work, however, if needed, they can be gentle too. Women's hands are soft and lovely. They are used mainly to nurture and care for, but if need be, they can work HARD too. I once heard the difference between men and women put this way: Men are PROTECTERS of life. And women are the NURTURERS of life. What a beautiful picture.

"Be with me, Jesus and change me into a woman of action for YOU." Amen.

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  1. Great post, Elisa! I love your heart for the Lord. It's very refreshing. May God make you, more and more, a woman of action!