Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pimento Cheese

This August we are having fun exploring our church cookbook, we are putting some of the recipes to the test. How will they turn out when we make them? I asked the ladies of the church to pick out a recipe, prepare it and send me a pic. I will be adding a new recipe picture every day as they come in. I hope you enjoy our culinary adventure.

The famous pimento cheese by Suzanne 

Suzanne writes: 
"This is the pimento cheese that I have been making for many years. The very same pimento cheese that has been served at the Women's Retreat for the past several years. I even send it on the years I can't make it. My family loves it and we usually have some of it around.

It was requested for the shower our Homegroup recently had for Tamar VanWingerden so I decided to submit for all to see… and made a bunch extra to have at home and share with friends, right Mary (and Julie)?? 

These are the ingredients and tools that you need. Sharp is best and grating your own is best. The pre-shredded cheese has a wax coating on it so that it looks nice hanging in those bags and they are oh, so, convenient… but for mixing cheese and mayonnaise, buy the big block and get out your box grater and shred your own.

Put everything in a big mixer and mix it up… the mixture can thicken up some once it goes back into the fridge so sometimes I will add a bit more mayonnaise that the recipe calls for. Eventually you'll get a feel for how much you need.

Last night, Eric snacked on a bit of it with just pretzels. We served it at Tamar's shower this past Sunday. Today I made a grilled pimento cheese sandwich for lunch.

It also goes great dipped with apples, carrots, celery, and crackers… fancy or just plain saltines. Or with goldfish… as you see with Nathanael at lunch today.

Look at that adorable smile on Nathanael's face, he loves it! 
In fact, we all do. Thank you so much Suzanne.
The pics are great.  

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