Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Fall Wedding Showers

This fall we have been preparing for the celebration of two marriages 

David Cobb to marry Elisa Abele 
Jordan Southern to marry Sara Costello 

It's exciting to see the details come together as the church loves these two young couples.

So many volunteer hours and dollars have been spent to bless them. 
Here is a small sampling.

Elisa's shower came first

The ladies are happily chatting before the start of the


The bride and her companion clock bride.

Every detailed was attended to. 
Speaking as the mother of this bride, 
it was magical. 

We had games that all involved time. 
It was fun! Thank you, Doretta!  

 Yummy food. 


 A happy bride 

Special gifts 
It was a splendid shower. 

Next came Sarah and Jordan. 

What a beautiful day to celebrate a wonderful couple. 

Thank you, Cindy for sharing nuggets of marriage wisdom for the couple. 
Wisdom that all of us can apply to our marriages. 

Mother of the Bride, Beth, shared memories, showing how God's path for Sarah had lead her to the love of her life, Jordan. 

Yummy food and sweet moms 

A happy bride and groom 

Cheerful Mother of the Groom 
 The rooms were bursting with color and cheer. 
The decorations were lovely.

Friendly fellowship everywhere you looked. 

That big pile of packages were opened, Sarah and Jordan were 
surrounded by love. 

If you would like to learn more about the couples you can read their wedding websites. 

David and Elisa 

Jordan and Sarah 

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