Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shhh ... the secret

Exhausted by countless organizational plans, notebooks and systems. I think I might have stumbled onto the real deal.
Are you ready?
 The tool to make it work is ...

               Do it now. 

Come in the door; take off your coat, HANG IT UP NOW. No coats on back of chairs or stairway rail!
Getting out of the car, grab the wrapper, cups, papers, etc. BRING THEM DIRECTLY TO THE GARBAGE NOW. – Clean car!
Get an email, read it. Take action right away. DELETE, DO, DELEGATE, DEFER. – Less cluttered inbox!
Want to exercise? Get out workout clothes, before bed. Wake up, put on exercise gear first thing, and go DO IT
Absolutely must do it later in the day. Make an appt. with an exercise partner. Put it on your calendar.
Don’t put papers in a pile. Put them where they go. Filing folder, action folder, folder of papers to delegate/deliver to someone else. If you don’t have appropriate folders or baskets, make them. In those situations where a system is absolutely necessary, MAKE IT RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE.
What happens when you can’t do something now? Record it as a task for later. Assign a due date if you can. You don’t have to use an elaborate system with categories if that doesn’t work for you. Just write it down so you don’t forget.
Long before 7 Habits and GTD, men like Benjamin Franklin accomplished remarkable things without complicated systems. If you’re like most, seeking more order and complex systems don’t work for you, try this simplest advice there is.
Do it now

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