Friday, August 7, 2015

Hashbrown Casserole

This August we are having fun exploring our church cookbook, we are putting some of the recipes to the test. How will they turn out when we make them? I asked the ladies of the church to pick out a recipe, prepare it and send me a pic. I will be adding a new recipe picture every day as they come in. I hope you enjoy our culinary adventure. 

Recipe 3 
I think this looks like a party, 
but I just bet any time at the Bainbridge's is a party. 

Michelle wrote "The Pace girls, my girls, and Lydia Curtis teamed up today to make Laura Davidson’s Hashbrown casserole. I let Julia pick the recipe. 

I misunderstood her over the phone and thought she said it had ground beef in it, so, well, we adjusted the recipe to have ground beef since I didn't notice it didn't until we had already cooked the beef, and since we were feeding a crowd, it was perfect. It was an easy peasy recipe…we used homemade cream of chicken soup, added a few spices, and doubled the recipe.

It turned out yummy. We made 2 9x13 pans and it was gone in a flash (with 11 kids and 2 adults eating). We ate it alongside a fresh salad with lettuce, tomatoes and sweet peppers all from the Tower Garden. We ended the meal with a jalapeno eating contest (I'm not sure how these things happen…), 
which a GIRL won!…go Susie!!"


 How FUN!!!
Thank you Michelle for all the pictures, good job cooking kids! The casserole looks SO good! I see the casserole dish is empty.
The recipe is page 40.

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