Friday, December 20, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Southern

By Sovereign design, love of the Father and His sweet Holy Spirit 
the Lord brought together Sarah Costello and Jordan Southern in marriage. 

On a chilly but beautiful fall day a new family was born. 

Vic Costello walks his first born, baby girl to the altar to meet her groom, 
Jordan Southern. 

They promised before God and a great cloud of witnesses to love one another and to remain faithful. 

The grand moment of excitement ... the kiss! 

As the evening of happy celebration came to an end, chinese lanterns lit up the night 
as they said their farewell! 
Photo by A Rich Image 

May the love of God be above you 
to overshadow you, 
beneath you to uphold you, 
before you to guide you, 
behind you to protect you, 
close beside you 
and within you to make you able for all things, 
and to reward your faithfulness with the joy 
and peace which the world cannot give, 
neither can it take away. 
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, 
to whom be glory now and evermore. 


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