Sunday, September 15, 2013

Permission to Throw the Stone

When I walked into this church I was given a stone.
 I was given permission to throw the stone of judgement against the sinful woman. 

Transported back to the year 33AD I saw the guilty woman thrown to the ground in the city courtyard, caught in the act of sin, she was on trial to be judged.
She had the very law of God judging her and she was found GUILTY.

We all know the story of the adulterous woman that she was set up to be a trap for Jesus. 

People forget that we are dealing with 
the God of creation. 
We think we are so smart devising a way to prove God wrong or weak.

God's purpose is love. 

We get caught up in this twisted world. 

The closer we get to God the sweeter life becomes. 

Jesus, the perfect was able to remain faultless. 
His greater concern was God's love for this fallen woman. 

The accusers sadly missed the point of Jesus. 

How many times do we do that same? 
We have our own set of laws that people are to live by and when they don't BAM! 
We throw the stone.

Jesus came to be the love that leads us to reconciliation with God. 

At the end of the sermon the pastor instructed us to drop the rock if we understand that we too are a sinner and instead of casting stones we'd rather be like Jesus and give compassion, love others and point them to where we got that love. 
Our Magnificent God. 

And if we want to stop living in shame and condemnation, if we want to quit being the self appointed custodians of conduct. 

Standing with our fellow listeners, we heard the stones all around us being dropped onto the hard floor. 

God our Redeemer loves us today and has clothed us with compassion. He showed us the way. Every day He loves us. 

He is The Faithful Shepherd that leads us to the living water. No more guilt or fear. Instead, 
faith and trust
Ahh, refreshing.  

We left church that day with full hearts. 

Here is the stone I was given. It has a heart on it so I kept it. 
I will use it as a reminder that love is more powerful than law. 
Christ's love moves hearts and transforms lives. 

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