Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Not a full Time Mom Anymore.

Mary writes:

Our life is changing. 

I have been a full time mom for golly, over 34 years. 
The years have been fulfilling, challenging, blessed, and life changing. 
I am thankful for the privilege I have been given. 

I LOVE my kids with my whole heart, every part of my being is energized by the relationships I have with them. 

Our kids love us. 
I do not take that for granted. 
Love from adult children is optional. 
They grow up, look around and then decide what they want to do with their lives. 
In reality, it may or may not involve mom and dad. 

Adult children do not have any problem putting up boundaries. 
 ** If we stopped right here and pondered, we could enter into some significant self pity. Thoughts like: 

"Hey! I gave you all those years of my life and 
you are going to just ... put personal boundaries 
that define our relationship?"

"I was there for you all those years, 
are you telling me you may or may not be here for me?" 

"It's unfair!" 

Yeah, I know all those thoughts.

As a mom with adult children, I awaken in the morning, I have a new day. The Lord has given me breath to breathe and a life to live. 

If we are smart, and that happens on a good days, we will count our blessings. 

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, 
then there is no hurt, but only more love.                                                                       Mother Teresa

Something to consider is that my life as a mom has not been spent in vain. 
For me, there are 4 people I mothered that are now emotionally strong enough to live apart from mom and dad. 

We have 4 children that have the courage to dare to live a new life. To venture out and see what they can accomplish. To see where the Lord will lead them.

That's saying something. 

If our kids are brave enough to dare to live a new life, what about Don and I? 
{It's mostly me that has to adjust. He has not been mothering 4 children. }

Do I dare to believe that I can live a new life? That I can enter into this season and create a vibrant, exciting life worth getting up for in the morning? 

I go to God's Word for inspiration and instruction. What do I do now? 

For me, several years ago I asked God what He would have me do. 
At that time I was a wife and a mom and maybe even a grandma, but I remember what I consider was a distinct instruction from God: 

Love the church - specifically, the women of the church. 

I was surprised. Really? That's all? I was expecting some big, cool next step but nope. My instructions are to love the women of the church. 

That's wonderful, I like that plan. 
He enables us to do what 
He calls us to do. 
My heart is full of love for the women of the church. 

Further Bible study and prayer time have given me specific direction. 

The glory of God is life giving, through the strength of God I am able to go into this next season with purpose. 

A book I read told me to pick a word to define my hopes for the next year and I picked the word CREATE. 

I will CREATE a new life. My job as a full time mom is done now, so I will dare to believe I can have a new life, to venture forth as the Lord leads, to take His hand and see what He would have me see. EXCITING!! 

Being married to Don means we will be going on these adventures together. 
It's a new season for both of us. I have to chuckle because Don says "Good, maybe I can get some attention now!" Poor, patient fellow! 
The Lord is busy in both of our lives and we are trying to hear HIM instruct us on the way 
we should go. 

Here is a picture of our chalkboard. 
Elisa wrote ABIDE as her word 
Benjamin wrote EXPLORE 
Don wrote RELY and OBEY 
and I wrote CREATE. 

If you are in a new season then you too can be like our young folks! You can be brave and dare to believe you can live a new life. This new season can be a call to let go of the past and take hold of the Lord's hand and let Him lead you into a blessed adventure.  

As a women we can go through a lot of ups and downs. If you are in your 50's and feeling depressed and hopeless you might consider some menopausal supplements. Our bodies are going through so many changes and sometimes we just need a little help. So if that is the case. Do it. Dare to believe you can live a happy, well adjusted life. Go to a dr or a holistic health care provider. 

We should go out to dinner. 
Tell me all the things you want to do  :) 

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  1. This is really good, Mary. So many of your thoughts sound familiar. :) Thank you for sharing your heart and for ministering to the women of Antioch. We love you!