Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ketchup and the Frying Pan

Life has a way of building up and making things ugly.

This frying pan is like my heart. 
When Jesus came into my dead heart He brought light and beauty. 

The copper bottom of this pan, when new, was bright and pretty. 
But years of neglect built up and it become dirty and dingy. 

In my heart, sometimes I let sin build up until it is covered by something ugly and needs to be cleaned. 

That's when I do the very best thing!
I let Jesus write His name on my heart. 

It's His presence that brings the cleaning. 

I know this is just a pan and not really my heart, 
but because He is ever present 
I can still find sweet Jesus 
even in the commonest places, 
like the dirty frying pan. 

Doing what He does best. Cleaning. 

Do you know what I smeared all over that ole dirty, dingy copper pan? 
Blood red ketchup. 

When the God of the universe spreads 
His red blood over my 
sin that's when the cleaning begins 
and His light can start to shine through.

You can see His name! 
I love it. 


So let the blood of Jesus spread all over your heart. 
Let His presence be the first in your mind. 
Then the name of Jesus will shine through your life for all the world to see. 

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