Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guilty as Charged

I have been listening to Enemies of the Heart
by Andy Stanely. 
The writing and concepts seem pretty simplistic, 
this audiobook read 

"your actions revel the condition of your heart." 
My mind said .. 

"Psh! As if we have never heard that before. 
Can you possibly say anything interesting
 that I don't already know?" 

Funny thing, 
I didn't even catch my judgmental attitude. 

I have some friends that are doing things differently then I think is right and Bam! 
My thoughts raced with judgment. 
This time, I heard my sinful thoughts. 

I wasn't thinking judgment in love and concern for their situation but just simple self righteousness. 
Wow! What a loser I am! 

This morning, I am thanking God for the conviction of my sin.

I was so haughty yesterday. 
As I had listened to the book, I wondered if I even had any unresolved ugly in my heart ... and well, God is such a kind Judge, He encouraged me in righteousness by showing me my own selfish ugliness. 
The ugly in my heart.

This morning, I go to that righteous, kind judge and I admit my guilt, I lay my case at the feet of the court and rightfully, 
I am found guilty. 

I am also found loved and atoned for. 
With my humbled heart and by the power of Christ
 I am grateful. 

Grateful that the Lord has shown me what separates me from Him. 
I never want to be separate from Him. 

By the empowering of the Holy Spirit 
I will try again today. 

Oh LORD, I need you! 

Thank you, Lord. 

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