Friday, January 18, 2013

January Women's Fellowship

The topic was love. All kinds.

 In the back ground there was music listen here

The atmosphere was warm and sociable  Our little living room was bursting at the seems with 20 ladies. But, and not surprisingly, not a complaint was heard. The ladies found a spot and snuggled in.

Going in a circle, we introduced ourselves. It's always good to hear the stories of our sisters. The women, of all ages, shared about their lives, families and how the Lord has done marvelous things for His people.

Mrs. Cobb led us in prayer for missionaries, vehicles, and family.

After the prayer, the ladies told us about their Valentine's traditions - or not. 
Some had some, some did not. 
Not surprising, the ways we celebrate Valentine's Day are unique to each family. A common theme that blessed my heart was hearing that the families communicating love to each other is a regular occurrence all though the year. 

Another good treasure we took away from our conversation was an encouragement to women that want to be married and are not. The women that had married later, had previously struggled with their singleness. The reoccurring message that I heard tonight was they finally got happy, even in their singleness, when their heart was turned to the Lord. It was then that the Lord used them in mighty ways and now as they look back, they are really glad for the inner growth. Thankful for their time of singleness. 

We had a few date night ideas. Like ballroom dancing on a budget or dinner for two at home  ;) 

Also, we ate ... MMM ...

This picture was for Matthew, we were showing him all the yummy food we were eating.
Elisa made these beautiful tarts 

You will be glad to know we had nutritious snacks  ;) 

Some of our pregnant ladies :) 

Our sweet Rebekah 
I missed getting a picture of everyone. 
I have a picture of you all in my mind though :) 
Delightful faces all around. 

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