Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hot Dog Blog - May

We went to Zack's restaurant for our May's hot dog. 

We brought our Zack
 all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah. 

 Zack's mom, our beautiful daughter Kimberly 
and his little sister.  :) 
Here is uncle Benj, playing with C.W. 
Uncle Benj, always makes it a party. 

Zack said "Yes, it's a good hot dog" 

Here is a killer hot dog if I ever saw one. 

 Zack's little brother. 
Affectionately known by me as, The Young Prince  ;) 

This is our beautiful daughter, Erin. She came from Georgia. 

This is me, Mary  :) 

It is always such a good time to be together as a family. 

I must admit, it was an awkward visit. I took the owner and his employees by surprise when I told them I was writing a blog post about them and may I take some pictures in their restaurant. 
The friendly waitress seemed comfortable with that idea. 
The owner, busy, trying to take care of customers, was taken off guard. In the end he was friendly and gave me permission to write about his restaurant. 

What a great way to have lunch ...
hots dogs all around 
and wonderful grandchildren.

But, not ALL the grandchildren. 
We were missing and thinking about 3 that couldn't come. 

and loving them all ... EVERYDAY. 

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