Saturday, February 25, 2012

If You Could Do This

If you could reach out, 

all the way to the other side of the world 

and effect the life of a child 

 would you? 

There is a way. 
There are some people that love Jesus

The people from Feed the Hunger have fed millions of people and reached all the way around the world and touched the lives of these little souls. With this program, here in the United States, we can help process and pack the food that will be shipped all over the world to feed hungry children.
To learn more or how you can participate ... visit the Pack-a-thon.

This ministry is also supported by runners. 
They are a part of the Feed The Hunger Team. 
They run to gain support to feed the children. In their running they are reaching out, 
all the way to the other side of the world, to effect a child's life. 

We at Antioch have some members of the 
Feed The Hunger team. 

Here they are ... Susanna, Judah, Amos, Mark, Cindy and Hannah. 

They did a great job.
 Week after week, faithfully, running and training, being strengthened by the Lord so they can be part of the outreach that feeds those hungry children. 

Support for members of Team Feed the Hunger goes to help the King Himali Home in Kathmandu, Nepal. There are 25 orphaned or semi-orphaned children at this home under the care of Ms. Laxmi Tamang. Your contributions help provide the children in this home with nourishing food and an opportunity to go to school, all in a Christ centered environment. Thanks for helping us Feed the Hunger for these precious children in Nepal and loving them with more than a meal! 

We are so proud of them. 
They did some serious running. 

I asked Mark, Cindy, Hannah and Amos if they would share their running experiences with us ...  

Mark about his first marathon ... When I passed a runner on his back at mile 18, being worked on by paramedics who were trying to resuscitate him from cardiac arrest, I felt two powerful emotions at the same time. First, sorrow for him. I prayed out loud for him as I ran past, and I heard the man next to me praying for him as well. Second, I felt tremendous gratitude that the Lord would let me run this race, and I asked Him to give me strength. As I trained for the 18 weeks prior to last Saturday, I did a lot of praying as I ran, and the one verse I kept repeating as I prayed was that familiar passage in Isaiah 40:31, that the Lord would help me "run and not grow weary, walk and not faint.

CindyI am thankful that we can run as a family and that God gave us the health and endurance to be able to do it. I started the Couch to 5K program last March, and it really worked! I have never been a runner before then and could not run a half mile when I started. I wanted to learn to run so Mark and I could run together. :) I'm so proud of him running his first marathon!

HannahIt was an awesome experience…there were so many runners and the energy was high, which made it a lot more fun than running on a treadmill :). We ran at night, too, which was pretty cool—somehow it’s more exciting to run in the dark! The last mile was a little painful for me personally, but I finished and that’s what counts :). All in all, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again!

Amos - As I ran, I was amazed by how much fun I had... in the first ten miles. After that, things gradually began to seem harder. Time slowed. I could feel my energy subsiding. I started going numb in my fingers (don't ask me why). 
However, it was during this time that I have my best memories now from the race. Along the road on either side people were lined up clapping, singing, and shouting support. Many people held signs saying things like "You made it to the start, you can make it to the finish," or "You're almost there!" or "Run, a zombie is behind you!" 
My favorite two signs were in the last two miles. One said "Worst. Parade. Ever." The other was held by a woman on a corner. It said "Run for Jesus." 
No joke, in those last two miles (and especially the final mile) it was all I could do to keep running. Walking seemed like such a relief. But it was the encouragement along the way that kept me motivated to keep running. The people cheering and clapping didn't know me. They certainly didn't have to cheer as I and four thousand others ran by. But they did cheer, and it meant the world.
I decided at that moment that I wanted to be one of those people who cheers for everyone.
(P.S. In the final yards to the finish line, seeing the faces of my friends on the sidelines and hearing them cheer was the best moment of the race. The encouragement from random strangers was nice, but the cheers from my friends were the most refreshing and motivating factor I experienced that day. And because of them I'd do it all again.)

Mark, Mark and Amos
Being part of something bigger then yourself, 
giving your heart, time, money and energy to others blesses the giver the most. 

Lastly, here is a video that explains more about Feed The Hunger 

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