Friday, January 27, 2012

Just For Fun 

 In a delightful little town called Burlington

Don and I are new residents to Burlington North Carolina. 
We are having a lovely time as we explore, finding the charm and the individuality in this whistle stop. 
Think old, red brick buildings with awnings, stone pots, sprouting flowers, history-filled antique shops, and mom and pop eateries. Having lived among chain restaurants, malls and traffic this is a peaceful change.

For fun, Don and I are going to have a year long project; we are going to visit 12 mom and pop restaurants, one every month for 12 months. 

We have a goal .. to find the best hot dog in town. 

We have started our quest. 
On a warm southern January day we drove into the historic district of Burlington. 

Our first stop 


Having been in business about 45 years, 
this long standing sandwich shop is full of local residents coming back again and again to have their favorites. 
What a fun place.

This is Blair, our waitress, we took her recommendation and got the chili cheese dog with the bacon. 
MMM. I had never had that before and it was good. 
We got the coleslaw as a side and it was fresh and crisp. 

This is Don 
Chili dog with bacon and cheese. Very good.
I liked that the hot dog was grilled. 

Onion rings .. generous portion. 

Another reason it's fun to eat in Burlington, you see your friends.
This is Charity and Emily, they also were also eating at Boston Sandwich Shop.

This friendly fellow George Papadis is the owner of Boston Sandwich Shop
and he can tell you a lot of stories about this restaurant and the history of Burlington. 

Don and I definitely give this place a thumbs up. We will be visiting again. 

Thank you Boston Sandwich Shop for a great lunch and a fun visit. 

If you visit tell them we said hi! 

238 West Front Street, Burlington, NC
(336) 226-0266