Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Leeland has a great song called Follow You. I listen to it often. I guess I listen to a lot of Leeland. 
This song is a prayer and the heart of the prayer is the Christian giving all of themselves to the heart of God .. which is compassion and love. 

And I will follow you into the arms of the broken
I will follow you into the world
I will meet the needs of the poor and the needy.

Something that occurs to me often, is who are the poor and the needy?
Our Christian culture has become vitalized in our efforts to care for the poor, starving children living in other countries. 
I am so glad the heart of the Christian is loving those starving souls. 

The group the Lord puts on my heart are the poor and needy here in our community. 
We have lots of folks that are living empty sad lives. Their stomachs are full but their soul is empty. 
Those folks can be found in surprising places .. in the poor part of town and even in our own church. 

We ourselves can become the broken, the poor and the needy. Hurt, lonely, disillusioned.

We can see our sisters and brothers that need ... 

That is when the miracle of our wonderful Jesus comes. 
If I could sing .. I would sing out how great He is. 
His spirit can move and change things.
 His presence and His spirit heals and restores. 
He fills hearts and stomachs. 

I love that we can be part of that plan of His. 
We can be filled by Him, renewed and hopeful.
 When we are full of Him or even as we are being filled of Him we can be Jesus for those hurting souls. 
We can follow Him into the arms of the broken, follow Him and meet the needs of the poor and the needy. 

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