Monday, May 16, 2011

I read an article about fellowship between women. Very often we as women love to connect with each other. We seek each other out in a various ways and we tend to feel lonely or maybe even a little depressed when we don't have the opportunity to relate together. 

As we talk sometimes we would really be blessed if we had encouraging thoughts or questions to ask each other .

Here is a list of questions or thoughts we could ask in order to edify each other, to build each other up.

 Holding each other accountable to the tough things of the faith. 
 A list of questions to encourage fellowship among women: to provoke one another to pursue Christ-like character and cultivate biblical womanhood.
I hope these questions get you started. And for all our readers, I hope they spark many Christ-honoring girl talks!

Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1_2Describe your current practice of the spiritual disciplines.
Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1_2What is a passage of Scripture you have been meditating on recently?
Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1_2What fruit of the Spirit are you cultivating?
Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1_2What sin are you seeking to weaken?
Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1_2How can I pray for you?
Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1_2Here is an evidence of grace that I observe in your life.
Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1_2How are you seeking to grow in expressing biblical femininity?

Let me know what you think. I would LOVE to hear how the Lord uses this list in your life. 

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  1. I like these, Mary! Convicting and thought-provoking!