Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Loving Savior can be found in a lot of surprising places. 
In popular songs for instance ...

I loved this song so much that I had to make a music video. 
As I have walked along this journey with God .. all these years I have been drawn to His Word.
 Over and over I would go back to it. I would read His Word for awhile then get distracted and stop for awhile. Continually, I was drawn to it .. fascinated. Half the time I didn't really understand it. 
But as the time rolled on I learned more and more. As I read I met HIM. 
And then I found out .. that all that time I had been going back to His Word. Every time I would be drawn ... All of the while ... 
it was HIM. 

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop
Landon Pigg


  1. Thank you, Mary! I love thinking of our Lord with the words of this song. His Word is a precious gift and I am amazed that He continues to draw me.