Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just For Fun March

Hot dog fun in Burlington. 
The hot dog blog.

In March we went to Danny's Cafe. 

A cute shop in the heart of 
historic downtown Burlington. 

On that March day, we asked Penny, our waitress, which hot dog was the best seller and she said it was a hot dog with homemade chili, fresh onions, coleslaw, mustard 
with a side of tater tots. 

So that's what we ordered. 
The hot dog was pretty good.

The homemade chili stood out. Their special chili recipe does not include any tomato sauce. Their chili dogs are one of the few that people with tomato sensitivities can eat. 

We ordered something else this time, we asked what else was a big seller and we were told it was this hamburger 

Don gave it a hearty thumbs up. Messy and good. 

Danny's restaurant prides themselves on serving quality meats and the freshest ingredients. 

Not your usual hot dog place, 
we ordered the fried angel food cake.
 I chuckled knowing that ONLY in the south will you find that on the menu. 
You can see Don's fork .. poised and waiting.

Delightful. A must try. 

They have a steak special on Friday nights, 
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
I forget the cut of meat but I remember being impressed by it. $11.99 for hearty dinner made with the quality ingredients. 

Here is Danny, very friendly. 
His mission is to serve quality food 
at affordable prices. 

So, to rate the hot dog I would say that it is a good hot dog. If you get a craving for a hot dog, 
this is a good place to try. 

110 West Front Street

Burlington, NC 27215
(336) 226-4422

How to get there. 

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